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Page history last edited by 93FLEETWOOD 10 years, 7 months ago
Born August, 31 1988 (age 20)
Nuxco, Guerrero, Mexico
Residence Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Education Eua Claire High School (2008 South Carolina High School Diploma)[#]
Occupation Auto Technician-Mechanic

Ninety-Three-Fleetwood, real name Irving Herrera Martinez, born August, 31 1988, is a Mexican online social network website user. Participating in/or attempting to, in various discussions on  message boards, most actively recent on Soychicano. He also has profile accounts on mainstream social networking websites, such as Myspace, Youtube, and Ning. 93FLEETWOOD is also an online artist, designing graphics, websites, and producing music beats, and "how-to" videos.



1. What's In The Name

2. The Real 93FLEETWOOD

3. Other Known Usernames

4. Related Links











What's In The Name

The 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood in which the username is based upon.

 The username ♠93FLEETWOOD♠ (with two spades at each end of the username, ALT+6) first appeared on chicano rap record label's, Low Profile Records, message board in late 2001. The name was decided upon one of Irving's favorite automobiles, the fifth generation Cadillac Fleetwood. Irving's first social interactions with the online community spurred through out the Low Profile Records' message board and other chicano hip-hop related message boards and social networking websites. Soon Irving began developing a character out of his username and promoting it.



The young 93FLEETWOOD spent most of his online time on Low Profile Records message board, flirting to/with girls, researching and reviewing chicano rap music and artists, and at times engaging in disrespectful replies amongst other members in gang related topics. As nature began to take it's course, Irving began maturing and little by little so did the character 93FLEETWOOD. Irving's ideal of a unique character, one by far from all the "JOKERS", and usernames containing "X3"'s and anything having to do with gangs. By adopting his own spellings of words most noticeably "on't" which means "don't", and the use of "Real™" when referring to something real or when he is meaning what he's typing, as taking in account that almost everything that 93FLEETWOOD says doesn't necessarily agree with Irving's real opinions. 

One of 93FLEETWOOD's early avatars.


In late 2006 Low Profile Records websites was being updated, but that may included the shut down of the message board. The website continues, running and updated as you read but for unknown reasons the message board is still offline. 93FLEETWOOD tried to adopt other message boards, Chale Online, Califa Rap, Dope House Records, Brown Pride, and even other member created boards. Due to lack of activities and old member comrades, none could replace the "Low Pro" general discussion forum.









Other Known Usernames








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Related Links










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